What Does a Grocery POS Come With?

Every business owner should march to the tune of current trends. When others are taking the benefit of technological advancement, you cannot remain a backbencher. Get rid of the good old cash register and switch to the new-age Point of Sales or POS system. It increases the checkout speed and efficiency and makes your customers and staff happy. Processing speed is a “make or break” aspect today. Customers do not want to stand in the billing queue waiting desperately for their turn. They want quick bill processing and payment. A POS system makes it possible.

What Does a Grocery POS System Come With?

Well, the features and peripheral devices available with a POS system depend on your business needs. Standard POS comes with a touchscreen terminal, receipt printer, and a cash drawer. It has a barcode reader and scanner, and a card swipe machine. The card swipe device is sometimes included in the standard functionality list.

Sometimes, you have to buy it at an additional cost. Before you finalize the POS software and system for the business, it is essential to make a list of features and functions you expect from it. Check the technical specs and choose one which is loaded with the maximum features. The choice of the system depends on whether you are a specialty market, departmental store, a multi-unit chain, standalone shop, or a franchise.

Some Features

Hot Keys

Hot keys are useful for scanning non-barcoded items. You can quickly navigate through the items and choose the specific product without any error. It reduces checkout time and enhances efficiency.

Create Bundles

In a grocery business, you always want to sell bundled products to increase profitability. For example, a special 10 percent discount on the purchase of sauce and cheese block if they are bought together. Though these two products are separately listed in the inventory, you can create bundles to offer a special discount.


You can create coupons for an individual item, departments, groups, or the whole inventory.  The discounts can also be configured on the flat amount or percentage discount on the retail price.

Unlimited Database Of Items

A grocery POS system does not have any limitation of database entries. Still, you can search and find an item at a flash. Not just that, but you can group the items together based on the product category, department, or vendor. The features and functionalities are dependent on the scope of the POS system.