Point of Sale System & Small Business Security: 7 Tips

Using a state-of-the-art Point of Sales system in your business guarantees an uplift in the business graph. It is a multipurpose, user-friendly system that benefits both you and the customers. However, it is a system that integrates with your business and your customers both. Hence, it becomes all the more essential to check its security level. According to IT security experts, hackers or people with malicious intentions are cleverer than the security experts. However, one can defeat them by watching the system closely. Here are seven tips to maintain POS and small business security.

#1 Use An external System for POS

POS System memory is prone to attack and malware. Hackers can easily reach up to it. However, it becomes difficult if you use a laptop or desktop, or ipad. These systems have additional security features. Moreover, they are part of your network. Hence they are well-protected from external attacks.

#2 Use Proper Encryption

Encryption ensure that your data is secure from intrusion. Even if someone hacks it, he is unable to read it. However, the best encryption method is point-to-point encryption. From the POS unit, it reaches to the gateway straight.

#3 Use Proper Antivirus

When you spend thousands of dollars on purchasing POS system, do not cut corners while choosing an antivirus system. Choose a good system that alerts you as soon as it detects problematic apps or files.

#4 Secure Other Systems

Access to the POS system should be given to limited people. Similarly, access to other systems should be domain specific. It ensures loss or unauthorized access to the data, intentionally or unknowingly. Nowadays, it is possible to secure the system using smart security systems and firewalls.

#5 Keep The POS Invisible To The External Systems

There is no situation when your POS system has to communicate to anything that is beyond the periphery of your computer system. Therefore, it has to be kept invisible to the external systems

#6 Pick a POS System That is PCI Compliant

You are supposed to be Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant across all card readers, servers, routers, and networks, or even paper files. PCI suggests active monitoring and taking inventory of IT assets to detect any vulnerability.

#7 Ask Experts

When you have any doubts, do not hesitate in asking IT experts. POS systems are specialized software that need special security measures. Call some expert if you do not know about it.