Grocery POS System Cost

How Much Does A Grocery POS System Cost?

POS or Point of Sales systems has become so much popular nowadays. Due to their advanced features and user-friendly handling, make it useful. However, many people just avoid it thinking that it will require a fortune to install and maintain the system. They think that POS is not viable for a small business such as grocery. It will not achieve ROI soon.

When the tablet is combined with a POS software, a card reader, and a receipt printer, it becomes a complete payment system. It meets the needs of a small or medium grocery shop. How much does it cost? Well, the question is tricky. A grocery system POS consists of hardware, software, fees for a merchant account, fees for installation, and cost of maintenance. It would help if you considered all of them while finalizing a system.

Cost Elements of POS

The Grocery POS system is custom-built to manage a large number of customers. A POS maintains your inventory. It sets alarms for low stock, accepts payments of all types at the tap of a touchscreen. It uses advanced analytics to get an insight into the fast-moving and slow-moving items.

Hardware Cost

You can make a POS system as sophisticated as you want. Before you shortlist and finalize a product, it is essential to make a list of your requirements. The cost of hardware largely depends on its size and functionality. The overall cost of installing tablets and card reader is around 500$ to 600$. If you add a cash drawer and receipt printer also, then it reaches about 900 dollars. A dual unit with two tablets, card readers, printers, and cash drawers will cost around 1500$.

A three-unit fixed POS system will cost around 5000$, including the software cost. When you consult POS companies, you will find that they are flexible with the selection of hardware packages. You may get it on a monthly payment basis, or you may buy it by paying a lump sum cost. Suppliers offer tablet stands, barcode scanners, and other ongoing supplies as well.

Software Cost

The more sophisticated the software is, the more money you have to pay. It also depends on the number of user licenses. The cost begins as low as 70$ per month for a basic system. A cloud reporting system with unlimited users and table side service will be 399$ per month. A dual package is available at 129$ per month whereas, and 24$ per month for three to five licenses.